Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Easy Way To Remove Lightning SpeedDial From PC

Lightning SpeedDial is a nasty browser hijacker that is mainly bundled with a numbers of free application that victim can download from the unknown websites. It will show ads or banners and sponsored links within your web browser including Internet Explorer, Chrome and Mozilla. This browser hijacker is designed by spammers to collects sales leads and generates web traffic for third party domain. One of the major users’ have to face after installation of Lightning SpeedDial is that redirects you to the contaminated web pages which are full of useless stuffs and sponsored links. It also spies your browsing history and relocates them to spammers for their own needs or benefits. Hence, it is recommended that remove Lightning SpeedDial from your PC as quick as possible.

 Download Free Lightning SpeedDial Removal Tool

How did you get Lightning SpeedDial Infection on your Computer?

Hard to say as Lightning SpeedDial virus is spread through many ways. The most common way Lightning SpeedDial distributes is with of the use of bogus scanner website. Another prospect of how Lightning SpeedDial spyware arrives is through a malware designed to look like a video codec or flash update. If left on the system, an injury caused by Lightning SpeedDial virus can accelerate and worsen, so immediately removal of Lightning SpeedDial infection is very important. Lightning SpeedDial malicious virus is potential spywares that might produce your privacy or harm your system. Your entrance to your system files may be dismissed until you uninstall Lightning SpeedDial spyware from your infected system.                 

 How To Know Whether Your System is Infected with Lightning SpeedDial Virus?

While Lightning SpeedDial spyware is running, it will show false privacy alerts about malicious infections and spywares to shock you into thinking that your system has a serious issue. Just like the bogus scan outputs, these messages are also fake and are only being used to shock you into buying the Lightning SpeedDial virus program. As you can realize that Lightning SpeedDial virus program is a sting as it a ransoming the proper action of your system until you purchase it. Lightning SpeedDial Virus shows different kinds of alerts like as System Security Warning, System Component Corrupted and so on.

 Download Free Lightning SpeedDial Removal Tool

How to Uninstall/ Delete Lightning SpeedDial Infection?
Lightning SpeedDial virus can be remove by two several ways i.e. Manual Process and automatic virus removal tool. Both process mentioned below:

Remove Lightning SpeedDial Virus Manually:
Please note: Manual removal may raise damages to your computer if you do any fault. Use this process only if you well-known what you are about to do.
Stop vicious process:
Open Task Manager and delete;
Remove Lightning SpeedDial registry settings:
Open REGEDIT and find malicious keys and values.

Delete Lightning SpeedDial files and folders:
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\

Lightning SpeedDial Removal Tool

On the other hand, you are advised to use the automatic removal tool below to get rid of this spyware infection.

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